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Dont be conned no such thing, please check with companies house and Trading Standards, I know the company you refer to, but they change the name every couple of years and will also flood your letter box with flyers and will use cold tel calling. Stay clear, it will be a new company in a few months.



This makes no differance what-so-ever and in fact causes issues with stability etc, its just making you feel you are getting more for your money, we have been cutting off these gutters since 1989 and NEVER have we fitted any and we have never had any issues. The eaves must be vented so it makes it worhtless anyway.



We only use a full 5 board walking scaffold as concrete is heavy and the EASYDECK SYSTEM can only go up to 600KG,,,This would be against Health & Saftey rules which state the most suited scaffold must be used at all times, EASYDECK is not, and if an accident did happen would leave you open to be sued.



None work full stop, they will buy you time but cannot cure cold bridging etc. Nearly all Finlock we remove have liners fitted some within months.



No we dont offer lifetime guarantees, this is one of the biggest cons of traders. This is offered but read the small print. Same deals as 60% off etc, dont be conned.

100mm Insulation versus 50mm Insulation.

I have had a price from you regarding insulation to my flat roof and you are nearly twice as dear as another quote I have had locally. You are quoting for 100mm and they are quoting for 50mm and they say I will get a high u value so why pay more. It does not take much working out, half the insulation half the price and as for a u value and complying to the new regulations not even close, whose interests are they concerned about NOT YOURS. It is a way of making them appear cheaper maybe they will only give you 2 layers of felt again cheaper, please dont be taking for this scam.


Why have you advised me to have insulation fitted to my existing flat roof, I didnt ask for it.?
The revision (from 2002) of Approved Document L of the Building Regulations (Conservation of Fuel and Power) actually came into force in April 2006. The idea behind the revision was to help implement the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive / EPBD of trying to reduce the energy used in building (relative to the pre-revised directive) by between 20% and 28%.

What if I decide I dont want to have the Insulation upgraded.?

When you come to sell your property, you will need to have a Home Information Pack in which should be included all the main refurbishment and repair documentation. A discovery e.g. by the buyers or their representatives at this stage that the necessary insulation work hasn't been carried out could result in delays in the sale, or you being offered a lower price than you had wanted for property.

I am thinking of buying a house and we need a roof survey will you charge us.?
In most cases no, but we reserve the right to, but we would never make a charge unless we agreed with you first. We would then discount this amount from the final invoice.

Will you charge me to visit and give me a quotation.?
No there are no charges for this service it is free.

I have some puddles on my roof which were never there before.?
You may have some slight puddles on your roof as this is quite normal using a Solar reflective finish, but you are wrong in saying they were not there before, they were hidden under the chippings. I would also expect looking back that you had moss as well as a damp looking roof as it never dried out fully during wet conditions. But yes you can now see these puddles but they will dry out in a very short time keeping your roof free of moss etc.

Should I use my local builder to do my roof.?
Yes by all means, but its a bit like taking your car to be serviced at your local supermarket, sure someone there will know a little but I would expect it to break down in a short while. One man One trade that is the safe way to ensure the work will last.

Why should I wait for your company as you are busy when someone else said they can do it straight away.?
If they can do it there and then maybe there is a reason they are not busy. But its your choice,its your roof, I would wait and check them out a bit more first.

I have looked in my attic and my felt looks fine, yet you have advised for a re-felt, why.?
Yes the felt may look fine, but 1f slaters felt will perish over time, this will start at the bottom which is easily checked, it will not be evident in the gutters. It will also rot at all folds and upturns, chimneys abutment walls etc. Another test is to touch the felt and put a little pressure and you will find it has become brittle.
!f slaters felt should last approx 25 yrs or so, remember if you lose any tiles then you will rely on the felt to hold back the element

Is your work guaranteed.?
Yes all of our work is Guaranteed. From 6 Months up to 25 Years.

I work away all week would you visit over a weekend.?
Yes of course we would, at a time to suit you. We also visit evenings as well.

If I gave you details over the phone why have you refused to give me a price. ?
We would like to, but other factors have to be taken into account as well. Also other roofing companys ring and try to obtain our prices that way, sorry.

Do you do special offers or deals on your roofs.?
No we give a honest price to start with, we do not inflate our prices to make reductions later. We leave that to the cowboy traders.

Would you supply references if asked.?
Yes we can, and normally someone local to you.

How long have you been in the roofing trade.?
I have been roofing for 31 years now so I know roofing well, and S. F. Roofing has been trading since 1989.

Can I pay by credit or debit card.?
Yes we can accept all major debit and credit cards except american express. We also offer finance for our projects, which if unexpected may be very helpfull. Credit history CCJs Tenant is no problem.

Will you undercut other quotes.?
Im sorry but we dont trade that way, we give a honest price using the best materials we can within that price. Therefore something has to go, cheaper materials or skimping on good work, one way or the other its not the best deal for you in the long term.

Do you use Marine Ply decking.?
No we dont, we only use O.S.B. Grade 3 Boards. We use this as its use is strongly advised by the N.F.R.C. and other bodies. We can use marine ply if you wish but they are very expensive and would add to our costs. If you consider that a High Performance roof will last about 30yrs it is not really an issue.
O.S.B. gade 3 boards are made for flat roofing projects and will not laminate, which is a common fault with plywood boards.
If you contact any builders / roofers merchants and obtain prices and information for both types of boards then I strongly believe you will agree with this.

Do you fit Velux windows and sun tunnels etc.?
Yes of course we do, from one to as many as you wish. We also supply and fit the velux balcony type as well. Another point of interest to you is we also supply and fit the new sun lamps which will project sunlight into those dim areas, where maybe you just need light and not a window. We also fit these and velux windows onto our flat roof systems if required.

When you visit to give us a quote, how long does it last and will we be subject to the ploys of the Double Glazing etc type salesman.?

I find that once we have measured and given you a price I am normally there for approx 15 / 25mins. In fact you do not need to be there if it is not suitable for you. There is NO HARD SALE, NO SITTING IN YOUR HOUSE FOR SEVERAL HOURS while I give you several prices starting high then dropping by 60% or so providing you sign at that moment, no manager discount phone calls, NO NEED TO SIGN, AGREE or commit yourselve in any way what-so-ever. S.F. Roofing has and never will trade that way, we leave that to the Double Glazing companys etc. Our price is our BEST price first time, no gimmicks, no hard sale, no commitment, and our first price is our final price.

Do you use single ply flat roof systems.?
Yes we do. We use EPDM single ply system.

I have noticed what appears to be cracks on my new flat roof.?
With a solar reflective finish you may after a period of time see what appears to look like cracks in this finish. I can assure that they are not cracks and will NEVER cause a problem and is in fact quite normal, mainly caused by the bitumen expanding and contracting which is quite normal. You can of course click on the LAYBOND link within our site and contact them direct if you so wish.

Are you fully insured and do you have Health & Safety certificates.?
Yes we are fully insured including the use of heat, and we have all relevant Health & Saftety Certificates. Upon acceptance a link will be sent to you where you can view these items.

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