Pitched Roofing

  • 10-3-10


We will tile any type of roof, from one tile repairs to complete refurbishment. We also undertake roof inspection by drone for the hard to reach or high buildings avoiding inspection scaffold costs. This can also avoid ladders placed on the tiles etc whilst checking over your roof.


Get Your Roof Ready for Rough Weather

When you get down to it, a good roof is all that stands between your home and family and the damaging rain, snow, and wind of winter.

To keep a sound roof over your head, inspect your roof twice a year to stop damage before it starts. Here are some hints on what to watch for:

Leaky, inadequate or deteriorated flashing (the metal normally lead, used to seal bends and joints around vents, skylights, chimneys and so on) can lead to water damage in the house. Look for holes, tears or buckling in the flashing. Experts estimate more than 90 percent of roofing leaks occur in these areas.

Next, look for any damaged, loose or missing tiles/slates.

Make sure tiles/slates are firmly secured and sealed to the roof, especially around the roof edge where wind, driving rain and ice dams (when water freezes and backs up under the roofing system) can do a good deal of damage.

Inspect and clean gutters, leaders, window wells and drains of all leaves and debris and make sure gutters are firmly secure to the house. Direct downspouts away from the foundation and clean them of any debris.

If you see any dark, "dirty-looking" areas on your roof it could mean algae growth.

Keeping a good roof means starting with quality materials and keeping up with an effective maintenance program done by a professional roofing contractor. This can save you time, money and trouble, prevent costly repairs and prolong the life of your roof.

To help prevent leaks, moisture seepage and decay problems, check your roof for weak areas.

We will visit you at a time to suit you, survey your roof and give you a quotation, which is full and precise. We will consult with you regarding the best options with regards to the problems that may be found. We do not advise that you use any other trade except a roofer.

We tile using clay, modern concrete interlocking, slate, we also do cotswold stone roofing, cedar shingles in fact all except thatching. That is a trade in its own right. We are fully insured and work in a safe workmanlike manner and do not skimp on Health and Safety, after all its for you as well as for us.

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